8 tips to get the best out of your Interior designer

While appointing an Interior designer for your project, you need a person who can understand your needs and your taste. One who can listen to you and create your dream space. You open up your life and your dreams to interpretations and hence it is of utmost importance that this collaboration with your designer becomes successful.
When you work with your designer together with an open mind, trust and appreciation towards each other, the final outcome will be what you’ll love for the years to come. Continue reading

Why quality sleep is important for you

Have you felt any of these lately? Loss of enthusiasm Stressed out and exhausted  Sad, angry or depressed Mood disorders Difficulty in remembering things Finding hard to concentrate Inability to take a decision Then the first thing you should consider … Continue reading

Photography – my second love!

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On this world photography day, I would like to talk about the second love of my life- Photography. Why second? Well, I have already talked about my first love here and it still manages to be the first in my life! 🙂 … Continue reading

Kullu-Manali- for the nature lovers and adrenaline junkies.

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Snow cladded mountain peaks, deep dark coniferous forests and a wild river are just a few things that characterize Kullu- Manali. Spread along the banks of river Beas, Kullu-Manali is surrounded by dense Deodar and Pine trees. It is one … Continue reading

8 Reasons why you should appoint an Interior designer.

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Everybody deserves spaces that suits their needs and lifestyle. A well designed space will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will support its function and will turn out to be more productive, healthy and happier space to live and work. Continue reading